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Our expert team is ready to help you with all of your cleaning needs. Here we are collecting some commonly asked questions that may be of use to you.

Why do you need to clean a mattress?

  • It prevents biological matter, like skin flakes, pet dander, and more from building up.
  • Removes allergens like dust mites and mold so you can sleep easier.
  • Neutralizes odor-causing contaminants to get rid of bad smells.
  • Take care of all kinds of unattractive mattress stains.

How Much Is Professional Upholstery Cleaning?

Most people fear involving professionals in their upholstery cleaning because of the prices. Therefore, they end up messing up their upholstery since they lack the required expertise. UCM Upholstery Cleaning Washington DC provides clients with affordable prices. However, we do not have fixed prices for these services. Our prices range depending on certain factors. The amount you will pay for upholstery cleaning will depend on the size of your furniture. If you have larger furniture, you will pay more compared to when you have smaller pieces of furniture. If you want to know more about our pricing information, you can visit our website. On our website, you can call us or fill in the form.

Can Steam Cleaning Damage My Carpet?

We use different methods for cleaning carpets and rugs. One of the effective methods we use is steam cleaning. Most clients fear this method since they think that it will damage their carpets. It would be best not to worry because our experts know how to apply it correctly to ensure your carpet does not get damaged. It is a hot water extraction that uses hot water applied to carpet fibers with a high-pressure wand. When the right water temperature and pressure is set, your carpet won't get damaged.

What Is Better Deep Or Steam Cleaning?

When it comes to the methods of carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, there is no better method. It all depends on your carpet, rug or upholstery types. The common methods that the UCM Upholstery Cleaning uses are steam cleaning and deep cleaning. Steam cleaning is hot water extraction, but it is not as intensive as deep cleaning. Therefore, steam cleaning is unable to remove deep stains. However, it kills bacteria, germs, and mold. On the other hand, deep cleaning is an intensive hot water extraction that removes deep stains.

What Is The Best Method For Cleaning Carpets And Rugs?

There are many methods that we use to clean old carpets and a clean old rug. Every method has its advantages, and you cannot say which one is the best since each case is individual. We come for pre-inspection, and the data we collect will help us know which method is appropriate to use. For example, if we find that your carpet or rug has deep stains, we will use the deep cleaning method. It is a method of intensive hot water extraction.

On the other hand, steam cleaning is also an appropriate choice for those with allergies. Both steam and deep cleaning methods ensure it disinfects your carpet or rug. Therefore, every method is effective and appropriate depending on your carpet or rug.

Do You Use Toxic Cleaning Solutions?

If there is one thing that we prioritize, it is the safety of our clients. We cannot use cleaning solutions that will pose a risk to the health of our customers. Therefore we ensure that we use the finest green and eco-friendly products for our cleaning services. As a result, you will not find any toxic solutions in our cleaning products. That is the main reason why most customers keep coming back for our services.

What Is the Most Dangerous Type of Mold?

Mold testing is essential for identifying the type of mold present in a home or office. While all types of mold can cause respiratory problems, some species of mold are more harmful than others. "Stachybotrys" or black mold, is one of the most dangerous. It produces toxins, that can cause serious health problems, including neurological damage and death. In addition, black mold is very difficult to remove with household chemicals and often returns quickly after it has been removed. As a result, it is important to take immediate action if black mold is found in a home or office. Testing can help to identify the type of mold present and determine the best course of action for professional removal.

How to Remove Mold in Houses?

Mold can cause serious health problems, so it's important to remove it from your home as soon as you notice it. Mold removal specialists use a variety of modern techniques to eliminate mold. Also, they use specialized equipment to remove mold from hard-to-reach areas. So, if you find mold in your property - call UCM Upholstery Cleaning immediately. Call at 301-560-0905!

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