Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Everyone knows wear and tear will eventually show on your furniture, no matter how careful you are or what material it is. Exposure to dust, sun, and touch takes its toll and it will make your fixtures look dull and lifeless in time.

But with the proper maintenance, you can keep your furniture looking cleaner and smoother for longer.

Leather is known to crack and fade over time, especially when exposed to pressure regularly. Even worse, leather requires careful moisturizing to maintain its supple texture, or you risk having the leather dry out, crack, and tear. Although it is also a notably durable material, it can also be delicate and require constant upkeep - at UCM Upholstery Cleaning, you can keep your leather upholstery looking brand new.

Why Is Professional Service Important for Taking Care of Leather Upholstery?

Your upholstery needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it from wearing down over the years. Professional upholstery cleaners know what kind of treatments your furniture needs.

Professional services not only guarantee that your upholstery is cleaned thoroughly but their care will also make it last longer. There are stains and odors that cannot be eliminated by simply wiping down or vacuuming your leather, and it's understandable that this might even cause damage to it. Specific textures require specific treatments, and certain problems need the right solutions.

You wouldn't want to risk damaging your leather in the process of trying to clean it! That's the kind of danger that UCM Upholstery Cleaning protects your leather upholstery from when we clean it for you.

What Types of Leather Furniture Can We Clean?

There is an assortment of leather furniture you may have around your house. Even if it's made of varying kinds of leather or has been exposed to different types of damage, we can provide the right care to keep them looking good.

Leather Couch

Leather couches are big pieces of furniture that can be placed in your living room for everyone to use, so it is open to all kinds of damaging environments. The leather can come in contact with other fabrics and textures that might harm its surface, as well as pressure that can affect the quality of the cushioning.

Leather Armchair

Just like a leather couch, armchairs can also be heavily exposed to dust and stains in your common living spaces, which makes them prone to damage.

Leather Ottoman

Ottomans were originally designed to act as footrests to be placed in front of your couch, but they can also be used as a stool or a coffee table. That means that whatever your couch may be damaged with, your ottoman will be as well, with the added bonus of coming into contact with the bottoms of your shoes if you are not diligent to take them off whenever you rest your feet upon it.

Leather Recliner

Leather recliners might be more personally used so they are subject to less harm. Nevertheless, their smaller size belies the fact that they have the same concerns as your larger seating pieces.

Leather Bed Frame

Although used more privately, leather bed frames are still exposed to heightened amounts of touch and dust because it is used more regularly than other kinds of leather furniture. Even though it won't be seen by your guests or other family members, it is still important to keep it looking good and in good shape so it lasts for years to come.

Your furniture will constantly be used by guests and yourself, it is guaranteed that one way or another it will be damaged unless you take care of it properly. No matter where you put it, what it is used for, or how many blemishes it has, it needs professional leather cleaning.

How to Maintain Upholstered Furniture?

Even if you get your leather upholstery cleaned regularly, there are still some measures you need to take to lessen the amount of damage they take on. Here are a few tips to maintain your upholstered furniture:

Upholstery maintenance is important to make your furniture last longer and keep your home safe from dust and germs that might accumulate there. There are specific treatments and maintenance you need to get for your leather upholstery to keep it looking good.

If you're living in or around Washington, DC, and want to get your furniture cleaned, you can call up UCM Upholstery Cleaning to do the job. From Adams Morgan to Woodley Park, we are ready to give your furniture the leather upholstery cleaning you need.

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