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The Importance of Rug Cleaning in Lanier Heights, Washington DC

Rugs can offer a modern and sophisticated look for your home. However in order to serve their aesthetic and functional purposes, rugs must be properly cleaned and maintained. That is why it is important when selecting a rug to make sure that it is both easy to maintain and wash. When not cleaned frequently, rugs can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. This can make your rug unappealing and your home environment dirty and unhygienic. Regular cleaning maintenance will extend the durability and longevity of your rug.

Professional Help

It is always recommended to hire a professional rug cleaning service when seeking to improve the cleanliness of your rug. An amateur with no knowledge or expertise can potentially spoil your rug in their honest attempts to clean it. This is especially crucial if your rug is expensive or of great importance to you, as many Oriental and Persian rugs are. UCM Upholstery Cleaning offers an excellent and professional rug cleaning service in Lanier Heights, Washington DC that can provide you with an expert fix all the while saving you from the unnecessary trouble and risk of spoiling your rug.

How Rugs are Cleaned

For regular, mass produced rugs often found in chain stores, the cleaning process really begins with an analysis of the specific fibers woven together to create your rug. This will determine what kind of solutions will be used for cleaning and for any stain removal.

Professional cleaning of silk or wool rugs cannot be completed in your home as the process is meticulous and can take up to two days. For these special rugs, we offer cleaning at our own facility. On the first day, the rug is washed and left overnight to dry in a humidity-controlled drying room. It is then napped, softened, and groomed on the second day. Of course, delivery and pickup of your rugs are at no additional cost to you. As with all of our services, a next day follow up call will be placed by one of our customer service representatives to make sure you're totally satisfied.

Quality Service in Lanier Heights, Washington DC

Quality service is the key to client satisfaction. In addition to rug cleaning, we offer our mold testing and mold remediation services. If you're looking for a cleaning service that will leave your home spotless and your family safe from harmful toxins, then look no further than our team of experts. Our professional team can help explain our cleaning methods in further detail or schedule you a free price estimate appointment. We're just a phone call away so call us today!

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